Weekly Game Jam: Week 4 – Classical Music | Wrap up

Out of time!

We kept this one under wraps because, to be frank, we didn’t know what we were going to do. We just knew we were going to try something with the new Dota 2 Hammer Editor. In the end the idea we settled on was a Noah’s Ark theme, based off this section from Disney’s Fantasia (there’s your classical music tie-in).

Dota 2, why no unicorns :(

If you’re familiar with DOTA or DOTA-alikes, you’ll know that dotted around the map there are camps full of neutral monsters separate from the teams of the game, that players can farm for gold and exp. The idea of our gamemode was:

  • Neutrals spawn at a single camp at one end of the map
  • They try to make their way to an “ark” at the other side
  • “Bad” (dire) creeps attack them along the path
  • Your job is to defend the neutrals (and yourself) from increasing numbers of creeps
  • You lose after a certain number of neutrals die

Where we got

Unfortunately too much time was spent figuring out the map editor. We didn’t get to the stage of having a functioning game mode, but we do have some pretty pictures:

Starting point of the path. The tent at the top of the hill is a creep camp.
“The ark”
The whole thing

Hammer (Hammer 2? Hammer 2014?) is awesome to use – much less work went into this map than it looks like, and that’s a good thing for the editor, not so much from us :)

Hopefully the next project will be more functional.

There won’t be a game this coming week as I am going on holiday starting this Saturday, coming back next Friday. We might possibly cram one in for the week after.

In any case, we’ll keep you updated!


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