Weekly Game Jam: Week 3 – Slides | Brief

Linerider: 3D edition. That’s basically this game. God help us.

It’s going to be more of a tech demo than a game as the mesh generation code and 3d art will take basically all of our time budget, but we hope it’ll be fun to mess around with anyway!


  • You get presented with a screen with markers A and B
  • You draw a line between A and B and click GO
  • You switch to a first-person view and watch the laws of physics guide your character down the slide you created
  • If you reach B, you win! Well done.

Stretch goals

  • Collectable coins, so you can have coins if you want, I guess
  • Forbidden zones – you can’t draw here so you have to get air
  • Tunnels – you have to draw through these at some point
  • Loops – will never happen
  • > ?

This will be in Unity, so if you want to play you will need the web player. It pretty much has to be in Unity to have any chance of materialising :)

See you on the other side!

Adam & Andy


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