Weekly Game Jam: Week 2 – Downfall of Pluto | Wrap up

So this week we worked on the Downfall of Pluto as our theme, and it went much better than last week. The base idea was a lot simpler and more within our range. Therefore without any further ado we have a flipping game that you can download and play!

64-bit executable: downfallofpluto-win64

32-bit executable: downfallofpluto-win32

Löve file: Week 2

Please enjoy it and let us know what you think.

The Gameplay

The objective of the game is to get the groups of purple Plutonians to the teleporters are on the surface so that they can safely escape the unstable Pluto.

The groups can only be controlled once they’ve got the lift to the surface. To control them simply left-click the group then right-click on the spot you want them to move to. Remember to dodge the laser blasts emitting from the large crystals in the core and the Plutonians will eventually die from exposure on the surface. So be quick getting them to the teleporters! Lose 3 groups of Plutonians and it’s game over!

The Coding

Not too much that was really clever in the coding part of this project. Setting target angles for the plutonians turned out to be a little hairier than anticipated. Last minute adjustments might have dirtied what started out as quite a nice clean codebase.

What’s important is that the core of the game is eminently reusable, with two tables (game.data and game.logic) encompassing most of the functionality. Asset loading is completely hands-off, with images being imported to game.assets by name and subdirectory. Rendering is nicely customisable, with rotation, scaling, a layer system and show/hide ability.

Things to work on:

  • Animation system (unfortunately not ready for this project, should be up and running next week!)
  • Context switching (Level loading/unloading)
  • Audio system
  • Better separation of entities’ core state and their representation, allowing for more granular animation, clearer public interfaces etc
  • Global event triggering, with time delays
  • Shaders

The Art

Once again I went with a simplistic pixelated look for this game. Building the background was a very simple process.


1. The background stars were made with some simple noise.


2. The surface of Pluto using some large scatter brushes to create texture.


3. Building the planet further by adding smaller circles, using shadows to create depth and more texture brushes on the core edge.



4. The core was probably the trickiest part for me to get right and if we had longer time I would probably redo some bits of it. I drew it with the pen tool and accented the edges to make them seem more crystal-like.



5. Added in the lift shafts and the inner core buildings inbetween the large crystals (which will shoot the lasers).



6. Added the last bits, the teleporters and the title.

There you have it the process for building the background, the last bits of stuff were the animations for the lasers and the Plutonians.

plutonianHere is a Plutonian who didn’t scale up too well…


This week was a lot of fun and we actually made a game which is much further than we got last time. Maybe next time I will be a bit more adventurous with the art and try something with a bit more detail.

Here’s hoping for a good theme tonight!

Andy & Adam

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