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Weekly Game Jam: Week 4 – Classical Music | Wrap up

Out of time!

We kept this one under wraps because, to be frank, we didn’t know what we were going to do. We just knew we were going to try something with the new Dota 2 Hammer Editor. In the end the idea we settled on was a Noah’s Ark theme, based off this section from Disney’s Fantasia (there’s your classical music tie-in).

Dota 2, why no unicorns :(

If you’re familiar with DOTA or DOTA-alikes, you’ll know that dotted around the map there are camps full of neutral monsters separate from the teams of the game, that players can farm for gold and exp. The idea of our gamemode was:

  • Neutrals spawn at a single camp at one end of the map
  • They try to make their way to an “ark” at the other side
  • “Bad” (dire) creeps attack them along the path
  • Your job is to defend the neutrals (and yourself) from increasing numbers of creeps
  • You lose after a certain number of neutrals die

Where we got

Unfortunately too much time was spent figuring out the map editor. We didn’t get to the stage of having a functioning game mode, but we do have some pretty pictures:

Starting point of the path. The tent at the top of the hill is a creep camp.
“The ark”
The whole thing

Hammer (Hammer 2? Hammer 2014?) is awesome to use – much less work went into this map than it looks like, and that’s a good thing for the editor, not so much from us :)

Hopefully the next project will be more functional.

There won’t be a game this coming week as I am going on holiday starting this Saturday, coming back next Friday. We might possibly cram one in for the week after.

In any case, we’ll keep you updated!


Weekly Game Jam: Week 3 – Slides | Wrap up

Game is up!

Draw with your mouse and press start, pretty simple.

Definitely turned out as more of a tech demo, there were just too many little things to learn about Unity. Once I had got the core of the game working there wasn’t much time left to do anything for gameplay except slap on a restart button and some background colour changes.

I really enjoy working with Unity; despite the warts (*cough MonoDevelop *cough* C# *cough* *cough*) and its “newbie” rep it seems to be a very rich, very flexible engine. So watch this space for possibly more 3D endeavours in the future!

Game plan for next week up shortly.

Much love,


Weekly Game Jam: Week 3 – Slides | Brief

Linerider: 3D edition. That’s basically this game. God help us.

It’s going to be more of a tech demo than a game as the mesh generation code and 3d art will take basically all of our time budget, but we hope it’ll be fun to mess around with anyway!


  • You get presented with a screen with markers A and B
  • You draw a line between A and B and click GO
  • You switch to a first-person view and watch the laws of physics guide your character down the slide you created
  • If you reach B, you win! Well done.

Stretch goals

  • Collectable coins, so you can have coins if you want, I guess
  • Forbidden zones – you can’t draw here so you have to get air
  • Tunnels – you have to draw through these at some point
  • Loops – will never happen
  • > ?

This will be in Unity, so if you want to play you will need the web player. It pretty much has to be in Unity to have any chance of materialising :)

See you on the other side!

Adam & Andy


Weekly Game Jam: Week 2 – Downfall of Pluto | Brief

Yeah, this theme being included was entirely the fault of the Rick and Morty episode “Something Ricked This Way Comes”, where Pluto is imploding because the core is running out of plutonium.

The game is a shameless knock off of that idea, and will look something like this:


Plutonians living in the bowels of the planet are the last to evacuate as the plutonium core becomes dangerously unstable (the surface dwellers have already left via launch pads in cities spaced around the planet).


  • Plutonians are lifted up to the surface in groups, at multiple locations around the planet, at different times (increasing in frequency as the game goes on)
  • The player moves groups around the surface, trying to get them to the cities. The control scheme for this is undecided, but the player can only move one group at a time
  • When the group reaches a city they are no longer vulnerable (they leave Pluto in a rocket)
  • Periodically, lasers shoot from the spikes in the core, frying any plutonians caught in the beam
  • The spike glows for a small amount of time before firing, and the laser beam lasts a second or two before depleting
  • The game is infinite and score is based on the number of plutonians saved
  • You lose either when a group dies or after a certain number are lost, we’ll decide as we go

Stretch Goals

  • The core rotates
  • Pluto shrinks over time
  • Earthquakes destroy cities
  • City building/repair
  • Anything you can think of?

See you at the end of the week! (well, on Monday, this post was a bit late, no excuses etc etc :] )

Adam & Andy